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Fellowship Expression of Purpose

The purpose of the Fellowship of the Inner Light is to create a mutually supportive community and sacred space in which each person may experience an intimate, uplifting relationship within Mother-Father God.

We are an interfaith spiritual community that honors each individual’s path and the core teachings of all world religions and spiritual masters which hold Love, Light and Joy to be the nature, character and manifestation of God.

Our ideal is to express the Christ Consciousness, which means we honor the Presence of God within each of us and as embodied in the life and all creation.  We support one another in our individual and collective realization and expression of Christ Consciousness as embodied in the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ and other spiritual masters.

We affirm the Oneness of God and the Great Commandments of Love and seek to live our lives exemplifying these principles.

We are committed to being good stewards of the creative energy that flows through us manifesting as spiritual, financial and other resources; we share these resources with each other and the greater community.

We provide a home for Sunday “Joy in Worship” services, community activities and fellowship; spiritual study and practice; counseling, teaching and healing; and making available the readings and teachings of Paul Solomon, founder of the Fellowship of the Inner Light.

So Be It.

More about Fellowship's Inter-faith Ministry

In our generation there is greater spiritual curiosity than the world has ever experienced.  A hunger for development of the whole person is expressed in a drive toward enlightenment.

The mission of the Fellowship of the Inner Light is to bring humankind to new consciousness in relation to the Creator; to awaken people to who they really are. This ideal can be stated, “Our Creator has called and is waiting for us to wake up.”

We, at the Fellowship of the Inner Light, acknowledge that every generation had its prophets and wise people, and each culture and religion offers a facet of truth from which we can learn and grow.  The Fellowship of the Inner Light extends beyond the boundaries of an organization. Our purpose is to raise the consciousness of human to God. All who seek to experience and express Divine Love are welcome. The Fellowship of the Inner Light is an inter-faith, heart-centered community for curious and open-minded spiritual seekers. Our members are from all religions, cultures, and backgrounds

We believe that each person can be an expression of the perfection that God is. We do this not through doctrine or dogma, but by offering people an opportunity to discover who they already are.

The Fellowship of the Inner Light was founded by Reverend Paul Solomon, who spoke to people around the world and was highly regarded as a healing minister, humanitarian, teacher, and leader in the fields of spiritual development and reaching human potential.

Each Sunday we come together to share, learn, and grow through the teachings of world religions, the wisdom shared by many gifted and inspired speakers and celebrated through music. We offer Inner Light Consciousness, an expansive spiritual teachings and practices. In addition to prayer healing and study groups, in person and virtually.

Rev. Paul Solomon said, “Our true mission is to build a beautiful family, a real family of people who feel related to each other. This family must extend across religious walls and barriers. This family must reach across socio-economic and class barriers. Every person on this planet needs to know that someone cares.”

Through building such a community of all people, we truly believe, that peace in the world can be attained in our lifetime.

We Love Our Fellowship Village

We do fundraising in order to reach out and help those in need, locally and globally through We Love Our Fellowship Village (“WLOFV”). We look to help our own members in need as well as the local and global community. These are just some of the areas and organizations to which we have provided financial support: Sustainable farming and community well construction in Haiti through CDI (Community Development International), assistance to World Central Kitchen, Tuition and Medical assistance through Outreach Africa: The Lost Boys Foundation, local charities in Hampton Roads, and volunteer groups.

Honoring Paul Solomon

Founder of the Fellowship of the Inner Light

Paul Solomon was an extraordinary man, a Meta-Human, who lived his life to exemplify and teach the ultimate possibilities of human potential.
He was lauded as prophet, sage, philosopher, minister, intuitive counselor and teacher. Some even called him a Miracle Worker, and he was counted among the most dynamic and insightful speakers of our time. In his travels around the world, he touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, inspirational for them to seek spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Fellowship Logo

The logo of the Fellowship of the Inner Light is composed of two triangles; a brown triangle reaching upward and a blue triangle descending. The triangles interlock to form a diamond which encloses a lamp with a flame. Four more triangles are formed by the integration of the larger two. The two upper descending triangles contain symbols of abundance, earth and practicality, and of healing and medicine.

We have chosen “heavenly blue” to symbolize help from the Highest reaching down to lift mankind, and “earth brown” to express our mind, body, spirit triad stretching upward in growth. In the lower left triangle we have symbolized prosperity, abundance and natural resources, along with practicality as a foundation for our growth and responsibility we accept. The lower right triangle symbolizes our commitment to service and healing.

The upper left triangle contains a universal symbol incorporating elements of spiritual principles and the world’s religions, including the cross of transformation, the hexagram symbol of integration of spirit and matter, or God and man, the yin-yang symbol of balance and equilibrium (The Tao), and a circle to encompass all spiritual thought and aspiration. The upper right triangle represents all forms of art, creativity and beauty as expressions of the creative Source, and as a means of attuning to that Source.

Within the diamond, which represents great value, is a lamp of learning or knowledge. The centerpiece of the whole, this indicates our commitment to learn, to seek, to discover and reveal truth.

The Symbol is designed to reveal our purpose of bringing together the four schools of learning, service and expression in balance, and to integrate these important areas of life in our commitment to being whole.

The Lighted Lamp – Illumination, the Inner Light, Christ
Descending Blue Triangle – Divine Spirit penetrating the heart and soul of humanity and all Creation
Ascending Brown Triangle – Earth, body, mind and spirit reaching upward, individually and collectively for connection, guidance, and growth
Upper Left Triangle – including all major world religions and our quest for spiritual truth, harmony and understanding
Upper Right hand Triangle – Using art and music to tap into the recognition of our Divine, Creative Source
Lower Left Triangle – Representing prosperity, abundance, and a practical, grounded approach to spiritual growth
Lower Right Triangle – The Caduceus symbol of medicine our commitment to service and the healing arts


Most Recent Sunday Speaker

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10:45 am - 2:30 pm
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14 Jan
10:45 am - 12:15 pm
Shafeeq Ameen ShafeeQ Ameen Ph.D., an Associate Professor at Norfolk State University, will bless us with an inspirational talk this Sunday. We open our hearts [...]
21 Jan
10:15 am - 1:30 pm
Join us in a sacred celebration as we joyfully witness the ordination ceremony at Fellowship of the Inner Light. On this day, we will gather [...]
25 Jan
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Virtual Group on Zoom, led by FIL Pastors Sharon and Sarah. Is this a time when we need prayer? We believe that it is. We [...]
Virtual Prayer Group
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Virtual Group on Zoom, led by FIL ministers Sarah and Annaleah. Is this a time when we need prayer? We believe that it is. We [...]
28 Jan
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
The Gospel according to AI Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and many other online platforms are revolutionizing interpersonal communication, business, and our culture! We are exploring [...]
29 Jan
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
"Day of Healing for Our Senior Community" Let's Do It Again!!! DAY OF HEALING FOR SENIORS  I'm happy to announce that Fellowship of the Inner [...]
Virtual Prayer Group
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Virtual Group on Zoom, led by FIL ministers Sarah and Annaleah. Is this a time when we need prayer? We believe that it is. We [...]
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