2024 Fellowship Family Gathering

"The Wisdom of Solomon and Other Stuff, too!"
* It was a success!

This was held Friday, May 17th THRU Sunday, May 19th, 2024
(Pre-Gathering Began Wednesday, May 15th)

We invite members and visitors alike to the annual Family Gathering of the Fellowship of the Inner Light. They join us for a weekend of fun and enlightenment! In 2024, we gathered once again to hear from our inspiring spiritual leaders, teachers, and creative artists who all, while on unique journeys, were led to Fellowship. People brought their own spiritual journeys forward for opportunities to connect and share.

"The Wisdom of Solomon and Other Stuff, too!"

At the Fellowship of the Inner Light, we have the wonderful gift of being an interfaith ministry. This means we are dedicated to understanding, through study and practice, the most insightful teachings of the world’s greatest teachers. “The Wisdom of Solomon” was a time to revere Paul’s lessons on spirituality, mysticism, prayer, the after-life, channeling, dreams interpretation, and the mind-body-spirit connection.

In addition, Fellowship’s community members shared inspiring teachings of their own. Messages from spiritual leaders and educators from around the area were available to bless us all with their wisdom. 

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We had a great time this year! The Pre-gathering and talent show, as well as riveting discussion topics, were all opportunities for insight and enlightenment! Expect to be changed!

Click below for the schedule which includes topics and speakers for the Pre-Gathering and weekend events. If you would like to showcase your talent – please contact us for future events!

To best meet the needs of our guests, we ask attendees to pre-register for our Fellowship Family Gatherings. Whether in-person or online, we are grateful you can join us!

Please donate to the Fellowship of the Inner Light!

We have made all events at the Fellowship Family Gathering by donation. We want you to come to the Gathering regardless of your financial situation. 

For those who are able, we are suggesting you make a donation of $125 for the weekend. If you are coming to several lectures during the weekend, please donate what you can. The Fellowship is a church which depends on your donations for operating expenses. 

We hope you will enjoy every year’s Fellowship Family Gathering and that it will continue to contribute to your life and growth. Thank you for giving what you can for the advancement of the Fellowship Family and the teachings of Paul Solomon.

Click below to donate using Kindred. Select “One-time gift” and the Sub-fund labeled “2024 Family Gathering”.  Or Click Here for other ways to donate!

Are You Interested in Volunteering?

CALL (757) 428-5782 to leave a message or EMAIL our Office Administrator at [email protected] to inquire about ways to participate in the fun!

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We're Excited to See You Again!