Inner Light Consciousness

Inner Light Consciousness is a guided experience in spiritual evolution. Both the name of the course and its content are attempts to express the teachings of those adepts so accomplished in the mastery of themselves and the laws of the universe that they were able to accomplish things that other people called miracles.

These teachers commonly referred to a light within and suggested often to their followers that every person has this light within and that if s/he becomes conscious of it and lets this light shine that s/he too can do the works of God that would reveal the presence of God in the universe.

"The Seven Terraces to Higher Consciousness"

“The Seven gardens are representations of the seven experiences of change that take us to our highest state of consciousness. The experience of the terraces is an active, outward moving form of communication with the Source of our Being. It is an act of creativity. The other half of a complete communication with God is meditation, a listening, receptive awareness.”

  1. The Red Garden – Expectancy
  2. The Orange Garden – Forgiveness
  3. The Yellow Garden – New Life
  4. The Green Garden – Companionship
  5. The Blue Garden – Heaven
  6. The Violent Garden – Gratitude
  7. The White Garden – Perfection

The purpose of the Seven Terraces exercise is to prepare for meditation. These techniques will produce a state of consciousness in which you can meditate with ease. The purpose is to move your mind, thoughts, and attention from outer distractions of the sensory world and to a place of becoming more aware of the inner and higher world where all is God!

"Painting of the Seven Terraces to Higher Consciousness", by James Yax, Fellowship Minister

The walls of our Sanctuary and entrance way of the Fellowship are graced with several exquisite, original paintings. The “Painting of the Seven Terraces to Higher Consciousness” and the Portrait of Paul Solomon are among the creations of James Yax. James is a minister with the Fellowship and shares his fine art highlights at the annual Fellowship Family Gathering.

James Yax, Fine Artist

Seven Terraces Meditation, Guided

Guided visualizations using the “Seven Terraces” of Inner Light Consciousness by Fellowship’s ministers.

A Message From Paul Solomon:

“I don’t know who you are; I don’t know what you are. But I do know, or at least I believe, that my mind has a source. Something created my consciousness, and whatever that is must be a greater mind than mine. So whoever you are, whatever you are, I’m talking to you, Source of my mind.

And I assume that you can hear me.

And if you can hear me, then what I¹m saying to you is this. I am going through all of these gardens and making all of this effort because I want to become more aware of you. I want to get to know you better. I am going to be watching for you, looking for you, trying to be sensitive to you.

Every time I come through these gardens, I’m going to try to be sensitive to you, to see you, hear you, feel you, and respond to you. And during the day as I go through the outer world, the world of the senses, I’m going to try to feel and be aware of you in things that people say to me. I’m going to watch for you by watching who you put in my life. And I’m going to notice that you are involved in everything that goes on in my life.

Every time I’m frustrated, every time I lose my temper, every time I’m affected by someone else’s communication, I’m going to assume that you have set it up and that you are right there watching. I’m going to assume that when you’ve set up a situation to make me frustrated that it was done to let me know what frustrates me.

So I’m going to become much more aware of where my buttons are, where my weaknesses are, and by doing that, I’ll become more familiar with the fact that you are there.”

Rev. Paul Solomon, “Invoking the Master Within”

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