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Paul Solomon (1939-1994) was an inspired and illuminating teacher of life’s sacred mysteries. He was a scholar of comparative religion, sacred scriptures and the Qabalah, plus arcane wisdom and ancient mystery traditions. He was a leader in the field of altered states of consciousness, and many people called him “the modern-day Edgar Cayce.”

Paul was uniquely skilled in making complex concepts understandable and applicable, while still allowing for deep understanding. Through his lectures and channeled readings, he made universal laws and esoteric doctrines practical to daily life for people around the world. Through lectures, seminars and residential programs, Paul sought to bring together people of diverse nationalities, races and religions under one roof, believing that perfect love, beginning with oneself, is humankind’s only appropriate response to the world’s challenges. 

His primary focus was the establishment of a worldwide family – plus the empowerment of individuals toward their full potential, enhanced through an intimate and interactive relationship with the source of their being. Until his death in 1994, Paul continued to share the message that each of us can choose love over fear every moment of the day, thus making the choice to live in heaven on earth, on both a personal and global level. 

Paul Solomon on the Seven Levels of Living

A series corresponding to the body’s chakras, the seven levels in consciousness, the levels of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the churches of the Revelation, and the seven days or “seven manifestations of the light of enlightenment” that comprised the Creation. The material is presented as an intimate conversation that Paul is having with his students, so it becomes an experience of a mystery school training where the pages speak to the reader beyond the words.

Book One - Mastery

“Paul Solomon on the Seven Levels of Living: Book One Mastery”

MASTERY – Book One in the seven-book series, explores the initial steps on a spiritual path, including learning to direct our thoughts in order to manage our beliefs and emotions; accepting responsibility for every aspect of our lives by dropping the false claim that externals determine what happens to us or how we feel about it; and the first step, which allows all that comes after, sustaining an unshakable inner serenity.

By Paul Solomon and Grace de Rond (2021)

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Book Two - Regeneration

“Paul Solomon on the Seven Levels of Loving: Book Two Regeneration”

REGENERATION – Book Two in the seven-book series, focuses on the power of transformation to replace valueless thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, habits and the resulting dis-ease. We came here to become masters of ourselves and the environment around us. And second level regeneration sparks us to die to yesterday’s identity, draw from vital life-force energy, gestate inspired potential and give birth to a new self.

By Paul Solomon and Grace de Rond (2022)

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Book Three - Interconnection

“Paul Solomon on the Seven Levels of Loving: Book Three Interconnection”

INTERCONNECTION – Book three in the seven-book series, guides us to master our emotions, communications and relationships. Paul Solomon’s fundamental message is that each of us has an ability to be consistently joyous and effective. Living effectively includes emotions and communications that work for us, relationships that support us, prosperity in all areas of our lives, and joy that helps us find meaning in all our activities. Paul asks the question: “If happiness, excitement, adventure and enjoyment are not what we’re supposed to be living our lives for, then what is?”

By Paul Solomon and Grace de Rond (2022)

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Grace PS on Wisdom
"The Wisdom of Solomon"

“The Wisdom of Solomon”

The Wisdom of Solomon is a collection of Paul’s teachings on spirituality and religion, mysticism and occultism, prayer and meditation, reincarnation, channeling, dreams and the mind-body-spirit connection. Paul’s vast knowledge base, combined with his gift for simplifying issues and spelling out practical steps toward transformation, make The Wisdom of Solomon unique.

By Paul Solomon and Grace de Rond (2010)

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"The Fellowship Primer"

“The Fellowship Primer” – By Grace de Rond

“The Fellowship Primer” is a collection of channeled work-readings from the Paul Solomon Source. Because the principles are universal, this guidebook can be meaningful and useful to any metaphysically focused group or organization seeking to create positive change in the world today – and also any individual interested in personal growth through a study of ancient wisdom made practical to today’s issues. Paul’s gift for simplifying concepts and spelling out practical steps toward transformation come through in such a way that all individuals can benefit from the information and guidance found in these reading excerpts.

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Grace de Rond was steeped in transcendental philosophies from an early age. She discovered Paul Solomon at age twenty-two and continues to share his work with an expanding audience. She writes about effective living through focused thought, blogging at and contributing to sites including Thrive Global, The Good Men Project and HuffPost. Fellowship of the Inner Light applauds Grace for her work within the ministry to make Paul Solomon’s messages available. Many people around the world have been blessed by her dedication to this invaluable mission!Check out Grace’s work at and on Instagram @gracederond

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