Weekly Sunday Service - Joy In Worship

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Upcoming Sunday Speaker
Speaker: Bruce Shelton
Date : 05/26/2024

Something special about our church is the variety of inspiring speakers, offering our congregation a varied perspective of life, love and living! We are an Interfaith church and thus we are open to many different paths to peace. 

Often, the ministers and musicians from the Fellowship of the Inner Light will share with the world, and we invite inspiring speakers to share with us. A common connection and inspiration about our speakers includes vision, wisdom, and heart-centered consciousness. We welcome you to join us!


Choir Rehearsal: 10:00 AM

Guided Meditation: 10:30 AM

Music & Speaker: 10:45 AM

  • Featuring Fellowship musicians, meditation and spiritual renewal, and community in a welcoming setting
  • Guest speakers from a variety of spiritual traditions and disciplines
  • Holy Communion (first Sunday monthly)

Service Ends: Noon

Refreshments & Social ’til 12:30 PM

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Tom Baker - Seeing God In Others (2023)

“We all are joined together and love each other. But that bond is often broken by judgment and our fear of love. Our fear of God is essentially the fear of God’s judgment and of God’s love. That God will love us so much that we will loose our individuality and become just a part of God, which isn’t true. That isn’t the way it is.” – featuring Tom Baker and Susan Thomas, ministers with Fellowship of the Inner Light