Weekly Sunday Service - Joy In Worship

Upcoming Sunday Service
Speaker: Marcus Pfeiffer
Date : 09/24/2023

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We are an Interfaith church and thus we are open to many different paths to peace. Often we have our own excellent ordained ministers with the Fellowship of the Inner Light, and we invite inspiring speakers to share with us. A common connection and inspiration about our speakers includes kindness, vision, wisdom and consciousness. We welcome you to join us in person and online. Click Here for the Calender of our upcoming speakers!


Choir Rehearsal: 10:00 AM

Guided Meditation: 10:30 AM

Music & Speaker: 10:45 AM

  • Featuring Fellowship musicians, meditation and spiritual renewal, and community in a welcoming setting
  • Guest speakers from a variety of spiritual traditions and disciplines
  • Communion Celebration (first Sunday monthly)
  • Candlelight Prayer Ritual

Service Ends: Noon

Coffee & Social Time ’til 12:30 PM

View Our Speaker’s Videos on the Fellowship’s YouTube Channel

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Testimonial - Making An Impact

Rich Martini, award winning film maker talks about the impact the church has had on him.