Looking to dive deeper into your spiritual practice? Itching to deepen your spiritual understanding? Check out some of the classes offered at the Fellowship of the Inner Light to do just that! Classes will be updated frequently, so make sure to check the classes subpages frequently or visit the Fellowship of the Inner Light on Facebook! – url: https://www.facebook.com/FellowshipoftheInnerlight

After-Church Exploration Series (ACES)

As of the autumn 2021 and on into 2022, we are offering various special programs and groups. Exciting. If you would like to attend, please contact the Fellowship Center.

ACES talks on our YouTube channel. Click here.

Fellowship of the Inner Light, 620 – 14th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Dick Dinges has lined up many wonderful folks for these talks.  You will see more upcoming speakers in our newsletters each week – and zoom links for those far away. Parking is available at Cooke School at the corner of 14th Street and Mediterranean.  The church is located between Mediterranean and Cypress in Virginia Beach, VA.  Parking passes are available at the church. Thank you to Rev. Dick Dinges for coordinating this activity. 

*    Sundays

 The Joy in Worship service starts at 10:45 with group singing, then a meditation followed by the service itself. All are welcome!

Afterwards … our special Sunday ACES programs, officially starting at 12:20 pm, with most of these programs zoomed!


Intro to Health – Theory and Practice:
  On Sunday, January 16, Dr. Angelica (Rainbow) Perry and Rev Dick Dinges teamed to present a survey of good practices that are understood to maintain optimal health. It was well received. Contact Dick Dinges at (757) 575-2759 and RichardADinges@aol.com.  
Workshop:  A free follow-up Healthy Lifestyles Workshop was held at the church on Saturday, January 22.  The workshop offered people the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of what has worked for them to stay healthy.  Other meetings to explore good health will be scheduled as people express interest.


Those who have played the Fellowship Game know how wonderful it is for self-awareness and sharing. Periodically Jill Allbrandt will lead and teach the game to newcomers. The Pastoral Council has approved that we offer the Game every second Sunday when the PC meets.  Additionally, we are looking for persons who would learn and could lead the Game in future months. Contact Susan or Sharon at info@fellowshipoftheinnerlight.com


    On Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022, Judith Stevens, who is the National Outreach Coordinator at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE), will present a summary of the life and readings of Edgar Cayce after the Joy in Worship service at Fellowship of the Inner Light.  The Intro to Edgar Cayce session will begin around 12:30. This will be a free session that will last about an hour.  Those who find Edgar Cayce interesting can attend other programs at the A. R. E. and explore the many truths found in the fascinating readings of Edgar Cayce at A. R. E Headquarters, 215 67th St. Virginia Beach, 23451.  For further information, contact Judith at (757) 457-7237 or Dick Dinges at (757) 575-2759 and RichardADinges@aol.com.

Jan 30 Jill Allbrandt – Accessing the Akashic Records

On Sunday, Jan. 30, Jill Allbrandt will lead a how-to session to enable persons to begin accessing their subconscious mind consciously so that they will be able to access the Akashic Records for themselves and for others. The session will begin around 12:30. This will be free and will last about an hour, it will be Zoomed to those who cannot attend in person. > Afterwards, those who would like further help or guidance can coordinate a program with Jill. For further information contact Jill at (757) 927-2979; and Dick Dinges at 757 575-2759 and/or RichardADinges@aol.com

Future programs – stay tuned!

Feb 6 Pegi Robinson – Her NDEs (near death experiences)

Feb 13 The Fellowship Game

Feb 20 William Mayon – The Journey of the Lost Boys of Africa

Feb 27 Francis Sporer – The Mind-Body Connection

On Sunday, Feb 27, Francis Sporer will present a special illustrated and experiential program entitled “Understanding your Body Temple”, part of a larger set of classes called “Edgar Cayce’s Theory of Everything!” at the After-Church Exploration Series at the Fellowship. For further information contact Francis Sporer at tingo123@aol.com, or text him at 757-377-4313

March 6 Claudia Edge – Her NDE

March 13 The Fellowship Game

March 20 Brian Berry

April 10 The Fellowship Game


* Past ACES programs, now on our YouTube channel!

Stephen Poplin, author, teacher and hypnotherapist, presented an Introduction to Hypnosis after church on October 31, 2021.  This was recorded and now can be found on our YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/_L_goWqnLiE  For further info contact Stephen Poplin at 515-708-7805  or https://stephen-poplin.com/

    On Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021 Bernadette Kristaponis shared an explanation of Reiki, including its origin, practice, and results after the Joy in Worship service.  The Intro to Reiki was recorded and can be found at https://youtu.be/5zcgVTtMguo
 For further information contact Bernadette at: 928-237-1491 or Bernadette@Reiki-Echoes.com
    On Sunday, November 14, Tom Baker presented an Intro to A Course in Miracles as part of the After-Church Exploration Series (ACES).  His introduction included how ACIM came about, what it teaches, and its purpose for the world. Persons interested in doing spiritual work with ACIM can talk with Tom about the weekly group he leads at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the A. R. E.  For further information contact Dick Dinges at (757) 575-2759 and Tom Baker at tb.lynnhaven@icloud.com
  On Sunday, Nov. 28, Brian Berry connected with us by zoom from Florida to answer the question, “What does a psychic do all day?” He focused on the approach he learned as he applied Paul Solomon’s lessons about street-level life while we continue to live, to channel, heal, and connect to others.  Brian, a great storyteller, mixed in some humor and some wonder stories. There was a Q & A in the discussion. The program is up on our channel here – https://youtu.be/7V–JjMTecU  Contact Brian at (941) 704-1272
     On Sunday, Dec. 5, Karie Alton will present Intro to Huna Wisdom as part of the After-Church Exploration Series (ACES).  Huna wisdom is the knowledge of spirituality held by many Native Hawaiians that dates back thousands of years, but is still relevant today.

 For further information contact Dick Dinges at (757) 575-2759 and Karie Alton at (757) 822-0426.


  Victor Taylor, an NDEr and long-term participant at the Monroe Institute,  presented an overview of Breathwork on Sunday, December 19.   What if heaven is only separated from us by breathing? Victor Taylor has had four near-death-experiences.  He had a car crash, water intoxication, poisoning, and suffocation by the time he was 21.  He explained the ultimate truth he observed from so many near-death experiences.  Would you like to experience the pleasure of heaven at any time you want?  Listen to Victor’s riveting stories and his startling revelations.  He described his transformation from a suicidal child-abuse victim to master manifester with unbelievable luck and good fortune – all from a simple breathing pattern.  No matter what your situation or condition, his technique will enhance your life! For further information contact Dick Dinges at (757) 575-2759


    On Sunday, Dec. 26, Jill Allbrandt led a how-to session to enable persons to begin accessing their subconscious mind consciously so that they will be able to access the Akashic Records for themselves and for others.    Afterwards, those who would like further help can coordinate a program with Jill.  For further information contact Jill at (757) 927-2979; and Dick Dinges at 757 575-2759 and RichardADinges@aol.com


   On Sunday, January 2, 2022, Dick Dinges  presented an Intro to the Five Love Languages at the After-Church Exploration Series.  The session included a summary of Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, and a workshop in which persons would be able to identify their own love language and also the love language of their spouses/partners.  This simple, easy-to-understand presentation is enough for people to apply the concepts and renew relationships.  Miracles happen!  Those who are interested could also participate in a study group that might be formed if there is interest.  Those planning to attend the session are asked to purchase the book, which can be found inexpensively priced on the Internet.  Extra copies will be available at cost at the session. For further information contact Dick Dinges at (757) 575-2759 and RichardADinges@aol.com

Prayer Healing Request

This experience is for anyone who feels they would like prayer or healing support. We are a group of people who attune to Spirit using the 7 Terrace method. We are given names of people who have requested prayers through the Fellowship Center, and we pray for them. Everything we pray about is confidential. If you have a prayer request for yourself or another, please contact the Fellowship Center.

The Mystery School Journal Zoom Group

When Paul Solomon still walked among us, he taught a wonderful course that he called Inner Light Consciousness. This course described several tools that could be used for spiritual growth and character development. One of these was a seven-part journal that he called The Journal Of the Mystery Schools, a journal that students could use to process their dreams, meditations, and life lessons, and to see how these things interacted. He taught a basic version of this journal for many years, and shortly before he passed he expanded it and produced a longer and more detailed version of it.

A study group that we are calling the Mystery School Journal Zoom Group currently meets by Zoom once a month to discuss how to best use this expanded version of the Mystery School Journal and to share how we are applying it in our lives.

While this is a closed group since the group has been meeting since early 2020, if you are interested in being part of a new Zoom study group, info@FellowshipOfTheInnerLight.com

Prayer Healing Group

We would like to offer you the opportunity to join our prayer healing experience using Zoom online on Thursdays at 3:00 PM ET. We hold the promise that wherever two or more are gathered together in Jesus’ name, there will He be in the midst of us. This is the energy that we would love to share with you. If you are interested in participating in the Prayer-Healing experience, contact us at info@FellowshipOfTheInnerLight.com and you will be emailed an invitation to join us on Zoom.