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In the Upper Room of the Virginia Beach Fellowship Center are more than 1,000 audio cassette tapes of readings, lectures and interviews with Paul Solomon. We feel an urgent need to preserve these tapes, and we have begun the project of digitizing all of the tapes to preserve them and to make the wisdom on them available and accessible. There is valuable material in these teachings that can help millions of people, can lead to breakthroughs in health care and disease control, can transform scientific knowledge and technical know-how, as well as provide guidance for uplifting ourselves, our environment and our planet.

We have set the goal initially to raise $10,000 to continue this project. For more information about the Paul Solomon Archives and to donate please here: Donate to the Project!

*** After you donate, you need to email us at our Church Email [email protected] and let us know that you made your donation for the Paul Solomon Archive Project and not a general donation to the church. That way we can be clear about the intention for the use of your donation.

Thank you for your donation to our project.

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Dear Fellowship Family,

The Upper Room of the Virginia Beach Fellowship Center is filled with magic. We have begun the project of digitizing the audio cassette tape recordings of the Readings, Lectures and Interviews with Paul Solomon.

If you climb the stairs from the lobby, many hours of the day you will hear the voice of Paul Solomon as the audio tapes are played to record them onto a hard drive. We want to be sure that the brilliant teachings are preserved for future generations.

Digitizing the tapes is part of the vast project to make Paul Solomon’s teachings, channeled spiritual communications, available to anyone who has a question, a need, or a sincere interest to learn and grow.

We who are working with these teachings consider ourselves the most fortunate people in the world to have this opportunity. They are magical, and we’ve found that often the particular tape on which we are working contains the very thing we need to hear that day for our own growth. So our day with these teachings often doesn’t end when we leave the building, for when we have completed our work, we want to share the wisdom with our loved ones and friends.

As we undertake this project, we have found that it is like a magnet, drawing interest and enthusiasm from people all over the world. Miracles happen every day. Working with these teachings is transforming our lives and way of thinking, giving each of us an ability to master a particular area of our lives that had seemed an insurmountable challenge.

We would love to have you participate in any way you can. Any donation to support the work will help. We are confident you will receive a great gift, not from us, but from the “Throne of Grace” itself, the Source from which the Paul Solomon teachings come.

We have the beginning of a Readings Library in Virginia Beach, where we have transcripts of many of Paul Solomon’s lectures and workshop. You are welcome to come and browse through our wealth of material.

We would love to show you what we are doing and include you in the project in whatever way works for you.


Sharon Solomon

President, The Paul Solomon Foundation


“Every person on your planet in your day should work side by side with his beliefs, his money, his energy to accomplish what he believes in, so that his life will make a difference.”

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Pearls of Wisdom

From the Paul Solomon Teachings

We feel an urgent need to preserve and protect the teachings of Paul Solomon and to make them available and accessible. There is valuable material in these teachings that can help millions of people, can lead to breakthroughs in health care and disease control, can transform scientific knowledge and technical know-how, as well as provide guidance for uplifting ourselves, our environment and our planet.

Therefore we have initiated the Paul Solomon Archive Project. Listed below are our goals and what must be done to accomplish them.

The Goals

– Preservation of material for future generations

– Digitize all of the audio cassette tapes onto computer

– Create a website to make these teachings more accessible

– Write descriptions of the individual audio lectures and teachings available on the website

– Select short excerpts that can be available to listen to

– Availability of topical information through computerized index

– Access to material for booklets and study guides

– Information available for medical and scientific research

– Expansion of Teachings Library

– Information available for personal growth and transformation

The Task

– Digitize all audio tapes

Transcribe many more lectures and study material

– Create a comprehensive index for easy accessibility of all material

– Establish a system to easily obtain information on all subjects

– Produce books and booklets on specific topics

– Expand the material available in the Upper Room Library

-Create subject files and study guides from the teachings


It is seldom that we would speak to a single individual. That which is given should be universally applied… The words, the ideas, the spirit, the opportunity for transformation in consciousness are set before you. It is and can be life-changing, but it is not yours until you accept and apply it.”

Paul Solomon Reading 150


You Can Help!

The estimated cost of the initial stage of the project is $10,000. We have used seed money to purchase the preliminary supplies and equipment and to pay a small staff for a short period of time. We need your help to continue this project which has begun and is continuing with great enthusiasm.

This is a joint project of the Fellowship of the Inner Light and the Paul Solomon Foundation. The Fellowship of the Inner Light is an interfaith church. The Paul Solomon Foundation is a non-profit educations foundation. It maintains responsibility for ownership of all of the teachings, readings, lectures and cassette tapes of Paul Solomon. Contributions to both organizations are tax deductible.

You can send donations in several different ways:

Designate your donation to The Paul Solomon Archive Project. Send by mail to 620 14th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451.

You can donate on this page too. https://fellowshipoftheinnerlight.com/donate/


The facets of this work are so all-inclusive that they touch every institution that is part of the framework of your civilization and culture, whether of education, justice, government, religion, communication.”

Paul Solomon Reading 9014


The Paul Solomon Source

In 1972, Paul Solomon suddenly discovered he had the ability to speak with a voice of knowledge and wisdom far beyond his own conscious mind. This voice, which identified itself as “the rest of your mind,” described a process of growth and development that catapulted Paul Solomon from a depressed ex-Baptist minister into the position of a world renowned spiritual teacher, and literally transformed the lives of thousands of people.

In more than 1,600 channeled communication given by Paul Solomon, and thousands of workshops and lectures, this Source has given information, guidance and practical instruction on just about every conceivable subject ranging from spiritual growth and higher consciousness to pre-history and prophecy, from sex, relationships and communication to science and technology. They include valuable and innovative insights into health and healing, diet, religion, energy sources, psychic development, death and dying, nature and nature spirits, education, reincarnation and karma and much more.


You have the opportunity to grasp a life-changing concept, putting it to work so completely in your own life, that there is a transformation of consciousness, a transformation of speech, of relationships, a birth of assurance, of confidence, of the ability to love within you, to love unconditionally.

Paul Solomon Reading 9013


Paul Solomon

Paul Solomon, noted author, philosopher, lecturer and leader in the human potential movement, spent his life inspiring people all over the world to create joyous, purposeful and fulfilling lives. He has lectured and taught workshops in 22 countries around the world and has spoken before the American Medical Association, the Association for Holistic Health and many colleges and universities. He died in 1994, leaving a legacy of teachings that continued to be studied all over the world.

For more information about Paul Solomon, his teachings and the Fellowship of the Inner Light, see other portions of this web site.

Other websites that contain information about the life and teachings of Paul Solomon include:



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