The Paul Solomon Source Readings

From “The Holy Sacraments” by Paul Solomon:

If there is anything that every individual needs, it is the support of a family. We function best when we are active in a family. We need the love, support and communication that family can provide. We need the social, economical, moral and educational support a family can provide. There is one thing that I will preach till I die: Get together, people, and form a family! Create a local family, an extended family, even if you are a single parent, especially if you are a single parent. Form a family of individuals who may or may not be related by blood, together on a piece of land if you want. Create a local community of family members, living and working side-by-side, supporting one another. If the people of the Soviet Union and Poland and China and north Korea and Iraq become your aunts and uncles, and sisters and brothers and children, you will not kill them. So, write to them, visit them, invite them to your home. Do you want to know what it is that will surely destroy this planet? It is for each of us to isolate ourselves in our homes and lock our doors. It is for us to live in fear of our fellowman. Man has yet to re-establish that knowledge that we are all one, and that there can be no conflict of interest within one. The planet is productive and bountiful enough to supply all our needs!

That person is successful who causes happiness, who causes pleasure and a reflection of the Divine in the lives of those he touches. That one who causes the son or daughter, the husband, the wife, the neighbor to have a little more light, a little more pleasure, love, energy, happiness with which to accomplish his day-to-day living—he has lifted himself and the entire human race a little closer to God.

Paul Solomon Reading #198

See how simply you may serve. It is not through those great deeds that attract attention and that cause great movements among men. It is simply the face-to-face, person-to-person act that would bring joy to you and to another. That would bring the expression of God—whether it be beauty, or a humming strain, humming under the breath. For in such ways, men are attunded.

Paul Solomon Reading #82

There is no greater service that can be performed on your plane than bringing a smile to the face of another. And as the music is played that brings happiness into the hearts, joy into the lives of others—as the playing is for this purpose—then, there is gain.
Paul Solomon Reading #942, 4/12/1977

Bring you together. Let all of you look at all facets of life, all else, and set it aside for the time. Gather yourselves together and sit, pray, and meditate. Then apply the first fruit of your thought, you energies, your time, as much as is required, to produce for yourselves a plan for causing all men to know, starting first in this place. do all in your environs know? Have all had opportunity to learn?

Paul Solomon Reading #204

Worship more. Pray more together. And sing, lifting the voices together. For through the singing, perhaps more than anything else you would do together as a group in this place, we find it so much easier to visit.

Understand that as your spirits are brought together—all singing together of one accord, joining the selves to common purpose, there would be as webs going out from each of you, joining all the others. And we would find this pool of light joined together through the lifting of hearts, and the common vibrations, those common tunes, thus setting aright the spirit of worship. Open yourself, and as often as you would seek to communicate, we shall walk with thee.

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