Seminarian Ordination Ceremony

Date - Jan 21 2024
Service starts at 10:15 am - 1:30 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


Join us in a sacred celebration as we joyfully witness the ordination ceremony at Fellowship of the Inner Light. On this day, we will gather in unity to consecrate and commission seminarians int Inter-faith ministry. This solemn occasion marks the beginning of a spiritual journey filled with devotion, service, and a profound commitment to spreading the teachings of love and compassion. Let us come together as a community to support, uplift, and bless our seminarians as they embark on this divine calling. Your presence will be a cherished part of this significant moment in the life of our church.

Order of Service:
– Choir Warm-up: 10:15 AM
– Guided Meditation: 10:30 AM
– Worship Music & Ordination Ceremony: 10:45 AM – Noon
– Food Service & Social ’til 1:30 PM

Those who wish to silently light a candle before the service may do so. After the service ends, you may request that a pastor assist you with healing prayer at the candle lighting table. Street parking is limited, but there is additional parking available at WT Cooke Elementary School.

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What is the Fellowship of the Inner Light?
“… the collective of all those in whom the Light within has been awakened and who, because of that awakening, have fellowship with one another … those who actually, in practice, extend mutual support, fellowship, assistance, interaction, and a strong and independent network between one another based upon the experience of Light within.” – Paul Solomon, Founder

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