Rev. Dr. Hiewa no Bushi & NYE Celebration

Date - Dec 31 2023
Service starts at 10:45 am - 2:30 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


Hiewa No Bushi

Join us for Joy In Worship with Sen. Pastor Bruce Shelton, followed by announcements and wisdom from speaker Rev. Dr. Heiwa No Bushi. On this day, Fellowship prepares for a new year of harmony and love for all.  You are welcome to stay after service to enjoy KaLu Kafe – a  family-owned and nutritional, vegan food ministry.

About the Speaker:
Heiwa no Bushi is a former Christian minister turned Buddhist monk, pioneer of the BodhiChristo Path. He forged the path both personally and communally as a way to offer deeper spiritual wisdom, true love, compassion, and clarity of mind through two of the world’s great religions.

Heiwa no Bushi places his teachings under the moniker of BodhiChristo, which means “Enlightened Christ.” This bonding is an amalgamation of the two rich religious streams of Buddhism and Christianity. BodhiChristo practices push the limits of theological rationale. Many of the students, members, and supporters of Bushi and the BodhiChristo Path are eclectic in their religious and theological lineages, and look for a much deeper acknowledgement and expression of the inner existence of their own holiness as a human being. Through guided and independent practices, the BodhiChristo Path has helped countless Christians and spiritualists to expand the reach of vision and possibilities in their own lives as wholly human. He can be contacted by email at [email protected].

About KaLu Kafe:
The KaLu Kafe is a Temple ministry established to encourage health and wellness through various nutrition based programs such as Nutrition Awareness, Markets & Pop-ups, Temple Gardens, and more. They visit various events in our area to share good food along with good energy from our Temple ministries.

The KaLu Kafe has been servicing Hampton Roads since 2020 and are currently fundraising for a food truck to reach more areas and develop programs for their nutritional, Temple ministry. Help us out with a donation today! Visit KaLu Kafe, an extension of the Temple of Human Spirituality at

Connect at to plan your visit or contact us!

What is the Fellowship of the Inner Light?
“… the collective of all those in whom the Light within has been awakened and who, because of that awakening, have fellowship with one another … those who actually, in practice, extend mutual support, fellowship, assistance, interaction, and a strong and independent network between one another based upon the experience of Light within.” – Paul Solomon, Founder

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