Date(s) -Dec 15 2019
10:45 am - 12:30 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


Developing Intuitive Intelligence

we all have an innate sense of a greater Intelligence at work, within ourselves, other than just the rational, logical, deductive process of the mind.  We often refer to it as our ‘gut feeling’, ‘sixth sense’, ‘intuition’, ‘instinct’, ‘higher mind’ or ‘inner voice’, but few seem to be able to really define this latent ability- or identify where it comes from.

Research studies have revealed that highly gifted Autistic and Down syndrome children, and adults, are often unable to cope with everyday tasks. However, they can often excel in such fields as Arts and Crafts, Music, and Mathematics. The researchers concluded that this is due to the existence of an Independent Intelligence.

My personal experience is that anyone of us can tap into our own innate Intelligence. It just requires the right guidance, exposure, awareness and stimulation.

We live in a society that praises Intellectual Intelligence. And yet it is the Intuitive Intelligence that allows us to access knowledge of the things that make us feel fulfilled and happy in our lives, such as: how to select the best job for ourselves, how to recognise a complementary partner, and how to solve conflicts and empathise with others. It is also the source of human advancement, both intellectually and creatively.

 It is that ‘quiet voice’ inside ourselves to which we often fail to pay attention, or trust. 


John is an Actor, Singer, Comedian, Life Skills Coach, and Seminars Leader. He is an experienced Yoga teacher, who has studied with the highly respected Japanese Buddhist master Tamo-san, Paul Salomon, and Sir George Trevelyan. 

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