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Align With The Alignment

Date - Apr 20 2024
Service starts at 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


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Tuning in Saturday the 20th of April 2024. 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, with refreshments and a mystical experience!

Let us gather around a special cosmic vibration, a planetary alignment, fairly rare, which only occurs every 14 years!

Imaginative and brainstorming Jupiter aligns with brilliant and psychic Uranus on 20 April 2024. The week before and the week after can be inspiring and prophetic. We will meet on the exact day of the alignment.

Before then … Write down your ideals, goals, visions and dreams; there should be enough inspiration to light your path for a few years! On this Saturday afternoon we will open our various senses in order to maximize your inspiration. Enjoy the cosmic flow!

(Suggested Love Donation of $5-10 to bless the instructor!)

About the Instructor: Stephen Poplin, who was the co-director of the Astrology Institute West in California, thought he was a free agent when he got into astrology in the ’70’s but it was a Uranus transit. He consciously sought and attained degrees in philosophy (BA) and humanities (MA) with a special emphasis in utopian studies, but recognizes he was born with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Cancer in the 10th House. Go figure. He calls himself a practical mystic and guess what? He’s got a Scorpio Sun and a Capricorn Moon! And then Neptune seeps in in the form of an intuitive hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, and cosmic writer. He is indeed trance-inclined — but he was born that way. As for his love life…well, it’s in the stars!

Stephen authored “Inner Journey, Cosmic Sojourns” vols 1 & 2, synthesizing soul lessons, karma, life between lives and the Edgar Cayce philosophy. Astrology specialties include rectification, transits and progressions, mundane research, AstroCartography, Edgar Cayce on astrology, and couples counseling (Davison method).

You can reach him on Earth (until further notice) at (515) 708-7805 and online – and

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