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Judith Van Cleave

Date - Apr 7 2024
Service starts at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


Judith Van Cleave

We are happy to have Judith Van Cleave as our Sunday Speaker on April 7th. Judith and her husband, Chris Van Cleave, have blessed this church and community for many years.  Judith is a Fellowship of the Inner Light minister who was ordained in 1984 and confirmed in 1985.

Judith grew up in East Africa and England.  In her 20’s, she was a manager for VMW in England where she had corporate training in sales, marketing, and managing.  She ran about 120 events a year.  When she was 33 years old she found out about Paul Solomon. She eventually met her future husband, Chris, at a Family Gathering.

Judith lovingly served as a Center Director at the United Kingdom Fellowship of the Inner Light.  Judith and Chris married and moved to the United States when their children were young.  Judith continues to help Chris with his work, and they are blessed to be the parents of two wonderful children, Rebecca and Gabriel.

When Judith and Chris lived in Virginia Beach, she spent 3 years as a Center Director at the Virginia Beach Fellowship of the Inner Light.  She has served us well on the Pastoral Council and on the Board of Directors.  We thank Judith for her dedication to the Fellowship of the Inner Light and Paul Solomon’s teachings.

Judith now puts her loving energy into health, healing, and regeneration.  She has been a hydration specialist and regenerative consultant since 2010.  Let us open our hearts and minds to hear an inspired message from Judith on Sunday.  We invite you to join us for inspiration and fellowship.

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