Date(s) -Jun 15 2017
7:00 pm

The Fellowship of the Inner Light


Marlow Poster


For years, Elizabeth Marlow had the opportunity to teach with many gifted persons, each memorable, unique in his and her style. The stand-out was Paul Solomon. Co-teaching with Paul was truly a peak experience, one for which she says she will be forever grateful.

During those thirteen years, they traveled and co-taught in Israel, England, Jersey Island, Holland, New York, Virginia Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, to mention a few places. What was it like to co-teach with Paul? Come join Elizabeth on a journey filed with treasured stories which best define Paul. They touch the soft spots, the innocence, depth of soul, laughter, clarity, challenges, and level of consciousness which inspire and awaken that which is soulful and true in each of us.

Cost: Love donation

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