Date(s) -Feb 16 2020
10:45 am - 12:30 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


“Sometimes we all feel that we can’t quite find the best way to help this crazy world get on the right track… We plot and we plan and we pray… but what if we’re just not looking in the right place?”
Cheryl Baer-Bernath is a professional musician who came to Va. Beach from
Buffalo, NY, in 1991 to study at the A.R.E. She attended the Cayce-Reilly School
and worked in various jobs there over the years as the Conferences Facilitator,
Reception Manager, Conferences Manager, Tour Director and currently is a
popular speaker at Headquarters and in ARE Regions on Dreams and
Reincarnation. She fell in love with the Fellowship of the Inner Light on first
sight and has been singing, playing piano, speaking and composing music for
services there for many years! Her talks are always full of humor and she
considers herself a professional storyteller in the old tradition because she
believes that it is through sharing our own personal journeys, we are able to
authentically connect with the true Spirit in All to uplift, inspire and empower
the best in others!

Cheryl Bernath

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