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The spiritual needs of the congregation of the Fellowship of the Inner Light are served by a team of active ordained Ministers. The Ministers alternate in officiating at our Sunday services and respond to congregant’s pastoral needs upon request. Needs may include spiritual counseling, telephone contact with the sick and/or shut-in, and responding to humanitarian efforts locally and internationally.

Ministers are also available to officiate weddings and holy sacraments like christenings, baptisms, memorials and funerals. Our Prayer-Healing Group meets weekly; all prayer requests are gladly received and promptly acted upon. Please contact us if you are in need of prayer or spiritual guidance.

Ministers In Service

Rev. Sarah Anderson

Sarah is a long-time member of the Fellowship and has studied the teachings of Paul Solomon for many years. Sarah was ordained in August 1984 in the mountains near the Blue Ridge. Her ministry is in Music; to learn music and share music for healing and inspiration of all. She supports the Fellowship Sunday Service participating in the music and editing the Sunday Talks and uploading them to the Fellowship YouTube and Facebook sites. Sarah’s other areas of interest are working with the Altar and facilitating the Prayer Healing Experience (Virtual Prayer Group) with Rev. Annaleah each Thursday.

Rev. Annaleah Atkinson

Annaleah first took ILC in Jan 1976, strengthening her connection with Source. Healing was included. She became an ILC guide that fall, and a minister in 1998. She and her husband, Joshua, created a residential spiritual community where people were invited to come for healing using eclectic techniques.

Annaleah is trained in intuitive healing, Reiki, Huna principles, and Healing Touch, as well as A Course in Miracles healing principles. Annaleah now offers prayer and healing to her community in Hawai’i.

Rev. Tom Baker

Tom is a psychotherapist in private practice with First Colonial Psychotherapy in Virginia Beach.  Tom grew up with the Edgar Cayce readings and joined the Catholic Church while in college.  He went on to become a Catholic priest, serving in parish work in Louisville, KY and seminary teaching and administration at St. Meinrad School of Theology.  He resigned the priesthood after 10 years of service and went back to school at Norfolk State where he received his Masters in Social Work in 1994.  He also has studied and taught A Course in Miracles for 38 years.  He is known for the humor and depth of his talks.  He lives with his wife Kathy in Virginia Beach.

Rev. Brian Berry

Brian is a loving father and husband. He and his wife, Nancy will be visiting us from Florida. Brian is a minister with the Fellowship of the Inner Light who has blessed us for many years.

Brian is a friend, mentor, teacher and counselor to many souls. He has given readings for many people in this community and all over the world. Brian is also a teacher of Inner Light Consciousness and helps to activate our souls to be the light that we are.

Larry Jennings
Rev. Larry Jennings

Larry Jennings was ordained in 2005 as a Minister of the Fellowship of the Inner Light Church in Virginia Beach, where he still serves on the Pastoral Council. Furthermore, he has served as the Pastoral Chair, President of the Board of Directors, and as Treasurer.

Larry served 45 years as a Funeral Director, serving families with compassion, understanding and dignity. He retired July 2020 as Funeral Service Vice President of Altmeyer Funeral Homes in the Tidewater area. He now enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and continuing to serve families in need on a part-time basis with Altmeyer Funeral Homes. He resides in Virginia Beach with his wife, daughters, and sixteen grandchildren.

Lloyd Kremer
Rev. Lloyd Kremer

Lloyd is a Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, a Priest of Isis, and a Reiki Master Teacher. He has invested in many days of intensive private study with gifted energy workers, dowsers, shamans, and professional psychics. Lloyd has served as Conductor for trance channeled psychic readings. He is an international metaphysical speaker, having spoken across the United States, and in England, Ireland, and Egypt.

He is a professional member of the Association for Computing Machinery, and has been a member of the Toronto Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada since the age of thirteen. Lloyd also serves on the Board of Virginia Beach IANDS.

Rev. Stephen Poplin

Stephen is an interfaith minister and workshop leader with clients nationwide and in Europe. He has studied hypnosis, complementary therapy, astrology, and metaphysics. His professional specialties are focused upon personal and social improvement through self-awareness, spiritual understanding and internal dynamic motivation via hypnotherapy and metaphysical counseling. His hypnotic specialties are journeys to the Self, past life and life between lives regressions, and holistic counseling. He also speaks German.

Rev. Candace Powers

Candace is considered a “Gentle Warrior” and violinist, who is committed to creating progressive healing opportunities, woven with integrity and cultural competency. With thirty years of experience in volunteering service and a diverse skill set encompassing entrepreneurship, creative artistry, and musicianship, she strives to make trauma recovery accessible in under-served areas.

She aspires to expand her education in social reform and end-of-life care, shedding a loving light on improving quality of life conditions and aiding those in need.

Rev. Anthony Reese

Anthony is a certified energy practitioner and is currently based in Hampton, Virginia. As an initiate of several wisdom traditions, Anthony draws on his training and formal education from many disciplines, some of which include: BS Degree in Nursing, Masters in Business Management, Environmental and Spiritual Hygiene Cleansing, Health and Spiritual Dowsing Assessment, Energy Healing with Japanese systems, and Life-Coach Mentoring.

Trained as a nurse consultant and Reiki Master-Teacher, Anthony works with people of all ages and backgrounds to assist each individual with improved physical, mental, and emotional health through self-acceptance and attunement to their inner life.

Bruce Shelton 2019
Sr. Rev. Bruce Shelton

Bruce is our Senior Pastor, serves on the Pastoral Council, and is the current President of the Board of Directors of the church. Bruce is also the music coordinator for our Sunday services.

Bruce has served as a Minister of the Fellowship of the Inner Light since 1984, following his ordination by Paul Solomon. He currently serves in the role of Senior Pastor. Bruce is a retired Virginia Probation and Parole Officer. Since 2003 he has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a specialty in addictions treatment. Bruce has always viewed his ministerial work at the FIL as a labor of love and as a wonderful opportunity to be of service to others.

Rev. Chris Van Cleave

Chris was introduced into the Fellowship by our beloved Jean Reeder in 1980. After seeing the huge print on the FIL sanctuary wall with The Great Invocation, Chris shared that he had written music to this prayer, and it has been sung every Sunday at the Fellowship for over 30 years now.

He is a professional musician – with lead roles in many well-known musicals, along with having written or co-written over 1,000 songs and 4 musicals. He continues to be a conduit for creative expression.

Rev. Susan Thomas
Susan serves on our Pastoral Council and teaches music to youth and children. She has served on our Board of Directors in the past, and she has served as a Sunday School teacher. She has been with the church since a month after Paul Solomon moved to Virginia Beach from Georgia. She was 24 years old then. Susan is an Inner Light Consciousness teacher, and she is also our current Office Manager and Newsletter Editor. Her main ministries are Women’s Wisdom, Music, Administration, and Teaching. 

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Service Ministries: 

  • Musicianship
  • Recording and Social Media
  • Spiritual Development Classes
  • Prayer, Healing, and Counsel
  • Facility Upkeep & Landscaping
  • Volunteer & Outreach
  • Children & Youth Ministry
  • Ceremonial – Weddings, Baptisms, Memorials, etc.

Board of Directors: Our board members are in service to organize charitable donations, support community building, and maintain a harmonious spiritual environment. They play a key role in church policies and decision making.

Pastoral Council: Our pastoral council consists of ordained ministers who are responsible for spiritual education, ceremonies, and ethics. Their unique insights extend from familiarity with various religious and metaphysical experiences.