Meditation 2015

Fellowship of the Inner Light Credo
by Founder, Paul Solomon

“In the beginning, God expressed Himself, and the expression of God is Love, and love is God expressing Himself. The Love that is God expressing Himself was with God when all things were made. Love made all things, and all things are made of Love. In Love is Life, and without Love, there is not Life. It is Love that gives Light and consciousness to all who are born. Love shines out in the darkness as the Source of Life and awareness, though there are some who do not know it. A gift to those who become aware that it is Love that gives Life and Light is the ability to know themselves to be the Sons and Daughters of God.”(1)

We believe that at least once, in the life of Jesus Christ, man has so perfectly expressed God as to be Love personified and God incarnate.

Love has an opposite, and the opposite of Love is fear. Just as Life is the Expression of Love, so death is the expression of fear. Without Love there is no life, and without fear, there is no death.

While it is true that all things were made by God and nothing exists that is not made of Love, God did not make fear or death. For death is nothing more than the absence of what is, and fear is a fantasy entertained in the minds of those who do not believe in and depend upon Love for Life and security.

Fear is nothing more than an expression of faith in evil, and evil is loss of life. Just as faith in good and faith in God will increase Life and vitality, so faith in lack, limitation and evil will take away Life, Love, and vitality, so bringing about death.

We believe that Love heals and can repair both mind and body. Love is the key to communication with both God and mankind. It is our ideal to become the perfect Love which casts out fear.

We believe it is not necessary to consider others wrong to make ourselves right. It is likely that every prophet throughout time had something valuable to share. It is likely that every religion has a gift to give to those who have ears to hear.

We shall, therefore, welcome those who wish to worship with us in Love, and we will love those who choose not to worship with us.

(1) Interpretation of John:1:1-5 by Paul Solomon