The purpose of the Fellowship of the Inner Light is to create a mutually supportive community and sacred space in which each person may experience an intimate, uplifting relationship within Mother-Father God.

Expression of Purpose

We are an interfaith spiritual community that honors each individual’s path and the core teachings of all world religions and spiritual masters which hold Love, Light and Joy to be the nature, character and manifestation of God.

Our ideal is to express Christ Consciousness, which means we honor the Presence of God within each of us and all Creation. We support one another in our individual and collective realization and expression of Christ Consciousness, as embodied in the life and teachings of Jesus and other spiritual masters.

We affirm the Oneness of God and the Great Commandments of Love and seek to live our lives exemplifying these principles.

We are committed to being good stewards of the creative energy that flows through us manifesting as spiritual, financial and other resources; we share these resources with each other and the greater community.

We provide a home for Sunday “Joy in Worship” services, community activities and fellowship; spiritual study and practice; counseling, teaching and healing; and making available the readings and teachings of Paul Solomon, founder of the Fellowship of the Inner Light. So be it!