Fellowship’s Highlights (2023)

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Fellowship of the Inner Light Highlights of 2023

As 2023 has come to a close, the Board of Directors would like to let everyone know some of the things we have accomplished this past year!

In May we had a wonderful Family Gathering with Fellowship members from around the world – headed up by Sharon Solomon and volunteers. The gathering focused on inner
faith religions from around the world giving all of us the opportunity to recognize our oneness in God regardless of our chosen path.

Sharon Solomon also went to Japan in March and taught classes for members of the Fellowship Center in Japan.

A seminary program was started in January of 2023 by Bruce Shelton and Sharon Solomon. Teachers included Susan Thomas, Lloyd Kremer and Larry Jennings. Guest
speakers also included Stephen Poplin and Tom Baker. There are currently 8 seminarians who were ordained on January 21, 2024. We are so thrilled to welcome our newest
ministers to our church.

We collected school supplies and distributed them to children of the Fellowship and to students and teachers at a local elementary school. Organized by Judie Midgett. Several
other Fellowship member volunteers assisted in the distributions. The Fellowship had a very successful yard sale in September organized by Judie Midgett and outstanding volunteers.

Bruce Shelton organized four different dinners at the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center serving 120 homeless individuals at each dinner. Again, with wonderful volunteers.

Candace Powers organized several presenters of activities for after services on Sundays. These included yoga classes and sound bath experiences. Many members of the
Fellowship family and community participated.

Sarah Anderson and Sharon Solomon organized and led Zoom classes involving prayer healing (weekly group led by Sarah), Inner Light Consciousness, and the Paul Solomon

Larry Jennings and Bruce Shelton worked diligently on the church buildings and grounds. The cottage had roof repairs and a need for new appliances. They constructed a new
fence around the back of the church and cleared a space for a future meditation garden. Larry volunteers on Fridays to mow the grass and do all of the landscaping.

Susan Thomas organizes and leads a women’s group once a month where we share ideas about a particular subject and then have potluck lunch together. She also teaches violin and piano lessons to the children in the ministry.

Lloyd Kremer, Jerry Teplitz, and Scott Roberts volunteer on Sundays to oversee the sound system and the video filming of our wonderful presenters. Sarah Anderson then puts
these together as an upload for our website, newsletter, and YouTube Channel.

Candace Powers, Judie Midgett and volunteers organized items that were donated and/or purchased for making bags for homeless individuals in our community. Church
members were invited to distribute these. Candace Powers also works on providing podcasts of various presentations from the Fellowship and does frequent entries on social media. She served as webmaster for the Fellowship website while Stephen Poplin was in Europe. They currently share this task.

Our music director, Bruce Shelton, organizes, practices and provides us with wonderful music during our Sunday services. He enlists so many talented singers and musicians that make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Bruce also invites and organizes all of our Sunday speakers.

Our Board of Directors meet once a month and one of our main activities is to tithe the funds that have been received each month. These funds include donations, rental of
space, sale of books etc. Some of the organizations that we donated to include a few international organizations (e.g. Outreach Africa, World Central Kitchen), many local
organizations (e.g. JCOC, PIN Ministries, Edmarc), and to individuals in the community that have needs. We provided funds for Christmas gifts to some of our families with
children. Below is highlighted a few of the messages of gratitude from various individuals and organizations:

“Thank you for being our spiritual center for all these years.”

“Out heartfelt thanks in support of our Edmarc Hospice families.”

“Thank you so very much for the school supplies for my special education classroom.”

“My family member has gotten new glasses (after 30+ years) and been able to have safety in a peaceful environment.”

“Thank you for the outstanding work provided by your organization. We are grateful for you and for your creating a sanctuary for folks to find refuge and support.”

“Thank you for joining us in helping the hungry and homeless in our community.”

All of this would not be possible without the outpouring of love and donations by our Fellowship Family members. Thank you all for making a difference in the lives of others.
We could not be more grateful!

Fellowship’s Board of Directors