Fellowship Family Gathering 2023

Date - May 19 2023
Service starts at All Day

Fellowship of the Inner Light


Fellowship Family Gathering 2023

Friday May19 to Sunday May 21

The Trail of the Mystery Schools

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  Each religion, culture, or esoteric teaching that has lasted through the centuries has at its core teachings that reveal the mysteries of the creation, and the spiritual functioning, of life. Those who learned these secrets were transformed by a direct subjective relationship with the Source of Life, the Pearl of Great Price. Such teachings were only revealed in the ancient Mystery Schools to those who demonstrated special abilities to learn and to serve mankind. The primary test that each student must pass to receive this training is revealed in the statement “I wish to know, that I may serve.”

We at the Fellowship of the Inner Light have the unique gift of being a part of an interfaith Fellowship. This means that there are individuals who have studied and practiced the teachings of many of the world’s great religions and cultures.

In this year’s Fellowship Family Gathering, we will present teachings of these great religions and cultures in an attempt to touch the origin, the Source, the Creative Consciousness. The Fellowship Family Gathering is a gateway to the Pearl of Great Price as presented by men and women of God through the ages. It is meant for those who seek to know God better, personally, and with heart, and to serve with the knowledge. May we be inspired!

We have a great variety of speakers and teachings. Among them are: