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Christmas Presence Concert

Date - Dec 17 2023
Service starts at 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


While it may be harder financially to give Christmas presents this year, a chance to remember that we can always share in the giving of Christmas presence – the gift of Love!

A good place to start is to come with friends and family to a heartwarming and welcoming Christmas Presence concert on December 17th at 7 pm at the Fellowship of the Inner Light, 620 14 th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.

Along with a few traditional favorite songs to join in on, the concert will present many ORIGINAL Christmas songs written and performed by singer-songwriter, Chris Van Cleave and celebrated as always with vocalist and musician friends. His lyrics and music remind us of what the true spirit of Christmas “presence” can be, especially when joyfully expressing it together. Donations for attending will be welcomed to add to the Fellowship’s homeless ministry within the local community. Arrive earlier to meet new and old friends to socialize beforehand between 6 and 7 pm.

There was a very unique origin 40 years ago to this concert series – when 6 songs “came through” in one night! To hear it in the songwriter’s own words: “One autumnal evening in 1983, I wrote a “To-Do” list at the top of which were the words “Write a Christmas song!” I turned out the light but instantly the light went on in my mind with a lyric and melody idea (which I think was “Friends Sharing Christmas”). I wrote the lyrics and “re-membered” the melody and then turned out the light.

Not long afterwards, another song came through, followed by another song, and then another! By the time the first rays of dawn were coming through the window I had six brand new baby Christmas songs by my bedside. I shared this experience with a few friends and the energy for this new project quickly expanded into recording a new album graced by the talents of local musicians and singers, plus a concert series called CHRISTMAS PRESENCE” – all within a two month period.

The six original Christmas songs also inspired artists James Yax and Cris Arbo to create Christmas cards for each song. Concerts were performed all over the Tidewater Virginia area for the Veterans Hospital, Children’s Cancer wards, juvenile detention centers, assisted living facilities, shopping malls, and culminating with a concert at ”5th National Banque” (which was one of the largest Country & Western venues on the East Coast).

Almost every year since 1983 the songs have been shared in various locations throughout Virginia. In 1986, another song “A Golden Christmas” was written while I was performing in the U.K. National Tour of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. This was miraculously recorded in one day at our stop in Canterbury, England with the cast and band members of the JCS tour.

I have written several other Christmas songs since then that have been added to the CHRISTMAS PRESENCE collection and play lists along with my rendition of O Holy Night.”

For further information or interview, contact Chris Van Cleave at 540-448-1684, or for details on the concert, phone Judith at 540-448-4813.

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