Bruce Shelton

Date - Feb 4 2024
Service starts at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


bruce shelton
bruce shelton


The 23rd Psalm – A Treatment for Fear

 This Sunday Bruce will be speaking on the deeper meaning of the 23rd Psalm. This Psalm is by some referred to as a “treatment for fear”. Reading this Psalm in a meditative state takes our attention off of whatever problem may be besetting us (eg. a relationship,  financial or health challenge) and enables us to place our attention instead upon the Presence of God. As a result, a healing occurs. Fear is our great challenge; the 23rd Psalm provides  us with an antidote for fear.

Bruce has served as a Minister of the Fellowship of the Inner Light since 1984, following his ordination by Paul Solomon. He currently serves in the role of Senior Pastor and head of the Board of Directors. Bruce is a retired Virginia Probation and Parole Officer. Since 2003 he has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a specialty in addictions treatment. Bruce has always viewed his ministerial work at the FIL as a labor of love and as a wonderful opportunity to be of service to others. He is walking the Path.