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Brian Berry’s Book

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Come into the study of a psychologist, clairvoyant, and teacher who shares the stories of seekers from all walks of life … an ILC Guide and a special educator for 25 years, Brian does Akashic Readings as Paul Solomon trained participants in his rare Channels Classes to do. Over the last ten years, he has done more than 400 such readings. He has spoken many times at the Fellowship, which is unmistakably his spiritual home.  Now he has written a book:

For Channels, Healers, and Helpers

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“This remarkable collection of soul stories will touch your heart, as it has mine. Brian’s readings are filled with compassion and acceptance of life’s challenges and blessings.” – Dr . Rob Pennington, psychologist and author of Find the Upside of the Down Times

“Brian Berry has one foot on earth and one foot in heaven. His ease in harmonizing the outer world with the inner world manifests in his ethereal writing style, not just to inform, teach and entertain, but also to create an experience for the reader.”  — Grace Derond, author of The Wisdom of Solomon and The Fellowship Primer

“Not since Brian Weiss’s “Other Lives, Other Masters” has a psychic impressed me so much as Brian’s revelations of how past incarnations affect our present lives. Health issues from the body’s interior and spiritual phenomena from our soul lives combine here, transcending time and space.” —  Leita Kaldi Davis, UN Women-USA Book Club, Recipient Lillian Carter Award 2017, author of Roller Skating in the Desert

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