The Paul Solomon Source Work-Readings for the Fellowship of the Inner Light

Authored by Paul Solomon
Prepared for publication by Grace de Rond

Paul Solomon was an inspired and illuminating teacher of life’s sacred mysteries. He was a scholar of comparative religion, sacred scriptures and the Qabalah, plus arcane wisdom and ancient mystery traditions. He was uniquely skilled in making complicated concepts understandable and applicable, while still allowing for deep understanding. He was a leader in the field of altered states of consciousness, and many called him “the modern-day Edgar Cayce.” Through his lectures and channeled readings, Paul made universal laws and esoteric doctrines practical to daily life for people around the world.

Through workshops and residential programs conducted in worldwide Fellowship Centers, Paul sought to bring together people of diverse nationalities, races and religions under one roof, believing that perfect love, beginning with oneself, is humankind’s only appropriate response to the world’s challenges. His primary focus was the establishment of a worldwide family. Plus the empowerment of individuals toward their full potential, enhanced through an intimate and interactive relationship with the source of their being. Until his death in 1994, he continued to share the message that humankind can choose love over fear every moment of the day, thus making the choice to live in heaven on earth, on both a personal and global level.

The Fellowship Primer is a collection of channeled work-readings from the Paul Solomon Source. Because the principles are universal, this guidebook can be meaningful and useful to any metaphysically focused group or organization seeking to create positive change in the world today – and also any individual interested in personal growth through a study of ancient wisdom made practical to today’s issues.

Paul’s gift for simplifying concepts and spelling out practical steps toward transformation come through in such a way that all individuals can benefit from the information and guidance found in these reading excerpts.

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