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We Love Our Fellowship Village

We do fundraising in order to reach out and help those in need, locally and globally, through WLOFV (We Love Our Fellowship Village). Our intentions are to help our own members in need as well as others in the local and global community. These are just some of the areas and organizations to which we have provided financial support: Sustainable farming and community well construction in Haiti through CDI (Community Development International), Direct assistance to rebuild a school and help earthquake victims in Nepal, Refugee relief through International Relief Committee, Tuition and Medical assistance for the Lost Boys and Girls of the Sudan through Outreach Africa: The Lost Boys Foundation. We have helped others along the way.

JCOC: Judeo-Christian Outreach Center

Through several volunteer organizations in the area, the JCOC provides lunch and dinner to the homeless as well as housing a number of homeless who need assistance. The Fellowship serves the homeless a number of the meals each year.

Outreach Africa: Lost Boys of the Sudan

This is helping the global village in Africa. Outreach Africa helps with education for the relatives of the Lost Boys of the Sudan. There are other urgent needs in Africa and beyond; we do what we can to make their lives better.


We have helped support young men in Haiti come to work with Farmer John Wilson to learn and be able to practice sustainable farming back in Haiti.

The community organizations we belong to are:

Interfaith Alliance at The Beach, Virginia Organizing and Virginia Interfaith Center

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Voices of Our Future

* We have some videos of testimonials from members of our Monday night class that we would like to share with you. May we introduce:

Evan Couch . The benefit I get from attending the Fellowship of the Inner Light Church - see his video below

Sean Corrigan . Why I attend the Fellowship of the Inner Light Church - see his video below

Christa . The Fellowship of the Inner Light is different from other churches. - see her video below