Jim Nourse’s books

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“More than sixty years ago, the Oglala shaman Black Elk predicted that with the closure of this cycle of ages, the primordial spirituality would reemerge and become the foundation for the next cycle. In Opening the Aloha Mind, Dr. Jim Nourse has made a great contribution toward expanding our western understanding of indigenous spiritual wisdom, and in doing so he has created very good medicine indeed. Hank Wesselman Ph.D., anthropologist and author of The Bowl of Light, and the Spiritwalker Trilogy.

In Simple Spirituality: Finding Your Own Way, Dr. Jim Nourse speaks to newcomers on the spiritual path, refugees from conventional religion, and people needing to hit the reset button on a spiritual life grown stale. He proposes that the spiritual life is already present in the midst of our daily activity but has simply escaped our notice. Through simple decisions to become aware, to awaken, in the course of the day, we can begin to discover our own unique spirituality without adding another item to our to-do list.

Find them on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Simple-Spirituality-Finding-Your-Own/dp/143822821X

Jim and his wife Judith gave an inspiring talk May 2021. “Communing with Sources of Sacred Wisdom” Take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HufyfXgQ1oA&t=1s