Carol Ragle

Date - May 15 2022
Service starts at 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light



Carol Ragle
Carol Ragle
    Carol Ragel will be our JIW speaker on Sunday, May 15.
The title of her talk will be “Misaligned Energy Always Seeks Redemption (Cleaning Out Your Closet)”
   Exploring NDE’s and their relation to karma claiming…readjusting present with the past whether it’s this life or previous ones. Exploring suicide, death and karma clearing, Piscean transfiguration verses Aquarian transmutation.
Dr. Ragel is a practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an author, a lucid dreamer, and a teacher of meditation.  She has worked with the Ascended Masters since childhood. She practices astrology, feng  shui, healing touch, and energetic clearing of persons, places, and things.  She is a Land Guardian and Gatekeeper, and has worked on the Karmic Board of Earth.  Her work includes past-life emotional retrieval of memories that conflict with the current life, transforming these memories for positive good.