Cap'n Larry VThe Bible and Reincarnation Revisited. 

Capn Larry intends to present a somewhat whimsical and upbeat review of his past twenty five years of Virginia Beach adventures and misadventures in researching and espousing this subject.

A free handout will be offered which outlines just how the Bible reveals reincarnation and also offered will be signed copies of his two books on the subject, for purchase. 

About the Speaker
Captain L. Edward VanHoose M.A. is an acclaimed biblical, scientific, and philosophical source. Though fully credentialed, he’s just fine as “Capn” Larry. An astute Chesapeake Bay waterman and jovial merry mystical mariner of the old school, his wit, words, and photographic illustrations serve both audiences, and readers, in navigating the very serious subject of how reincarnation appears in the Bible.
Learning the building trades in the family business, he earned his maritime positions from deckhand to Captain, gaining a Coast Guard Master’s license. After receiving a BA from the University of Baltimore, he received his Master’s degree in Transpersonal Study (parapsychology and the like) from Atlantic University in Virginia. He studied there, with author, Jess Stearn.