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The Dead Saints Chronicles: A Zen Journey Through the Christian Afterlife

By David Solomon One of the biggest questions humans have about life on earth is, What comes next? What happens after we die? In The Dead Saints Chronicles, David Solomon answers this universal question in vivid detail through extensive study—and groundbreaking redefinition—of the near-death experience (NDE) phenomenon. Drawing from the voluminous body of NDE literature… Read more »



by Joseph Rael and Mary Elizabeth Marlow Rael begins with the vision that the nature of all existence is vibration. From human breath and heartbeat to the pulsating energies of subatomic particles, to expansion and contraction of stars and of the universe itself, there is pulsation—vibration—in all that exists. Being and Vibration presents the life… Read more »


Awakening the Unlimited Power of the Feminine Spirit  by Mary Elizabeth Marlow “I know Mary Elizabeth as an especially perceptive person, whose psychological insights have both a compassionate and a spiritual basis.  Emerging Woman grows out of her years of experience and is a unique handbook, a transformational guide to empower women”  Jean Shinoda  Bolen,… Read more »


A Journey about Inner Trust by Mary Elizabeth Marlow. As Jumping Mouse journeys to the Sacred Mountain- the heart of his true self- we travel alongside him-and are challenged with paradox, ambiguity, betrayal, doubt, the leap of faith, the subtleties of discernment. We sense when to, whether to, and how to trust. And our spirits… Read more »


By Grace de Rond In every moment, whether we’re creating a special dinner or starting an argument, we’re looking for love. In fact, we’re all asking only one question of each other all the time: “Can you show me what real love is?” Grace Notes: A Manual for Partnering uses an easy to grasp page-a-day… Read more »

The Majical years of Y’shua: Israel & England

By Robert Krajenke From the Holy Land of 2,000 years ago the young master Yeshua (Jesus) journeys to ancient Britannia with its unsuspected powers and uncharted areas of magic, mystery and splendor. Accompanied by his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, who is ever in search of sacred treasures stolen from or secreted away by the Israelites… Read more »