By Grace de Rond In every moment, whether we’re creating a special dinner or starting an argument, we’re looking for love. In fact, we’re all asking only one question of each other all the time: “Can you show me what real love is?” Grace Notes: A Manual for Partnering uses an easy to grasp page-a-day… Read more »

The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source Book 1

By Paul Solomon The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source “The message is: There is a Great Power that can be tapped and can be experienced by anyone.” These are the words of Paul Solomon, one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time. Internationally known as a teacher, prophet, healer, minister and humanitarian,… Read more »


The Meta-Human: A Handbook for Personal Transformation

By Paul Solomon The Meta-Human A Handbook for Personal Transformation Hunches, premonitions, warnings, flashes of inspiration and creativity. Supernatural strength during emergencies. These are examples of what average people have done under extraordinary circumstances. The Meta-Human can do these things at will. When you get the conscious mind out of your way, the rest of… Read more »


Excerpts from The Paul Solomon Tapes: A Sleeping Man Speaks On: World Prophecy, Diet & Health, Atlantis, Sex, Healing, Spiritual Growth, Astrology, Drugs, and others…

By Paul Solomon and James Daniel Emmanuel Edited and Complied by James Daniel Emmanuel (James Allen Wharton) Paul Solomon, the new age prophet, appeared on the psychic scene in mid 1972. From the annals of Atlantis, the psychic healing temples of Egypt, the Huna of Hawaii, the Judeo Christian scriptures, the Oracles of Greece and… Read more »


By Grace de Rond Paul Solomon was an inspired and illuminating teacher of life’s sacred mysteries. He was a scholar of comparative religion, sacred scriptures and the Qabalah, plus arcane wisdom and ancient mystery traditions. He was a leader in the field of altered states of consciousness, and many people called him “the modern-day Edgar… Read more »


The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon: Earthward Towards a Heavenly Light

By Dr. W. Alexander Wheeler Paul Solomon could see into the future. The message of his Prophecies is clear- unless we dedicate ourselves to a new age of global Unity devastating results foreseen by the Source will come to pass. The message of the Paul Solomon Source is empowering and hopeful. We can chose to… Read more »