Neil Helm - The Effects of Near-Death Experiences on Religious and Spiritual Beliefs (2018)
This dissertation research focused on how NDE aftereffects, with their...
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Brian looks back to readings and earlier messages for the...
Cheryl Bernath - Out of the Mouths of Babes: Children Who Remember Past Lives (2018)
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Krista Gorman and Ainsley Threadgold - Returning to Ourselves (2018)
Returning to Ourselves through relationships, self love and connections.
Carylanne - Transforming Our Faith (2018)
Carylanne shares a moving talk about Faith, Cycles and Transformation.
Bruce Shelton - Wrestling With An Angel (2018)
The story of Jacob, from Genesis 32:24-32, helps us to...
Tom Baker - Standards of Love (2018)
Tom shares insights and observations.
Sharon Solomon - Meditation on Self Love (2018)
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