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Clarice Mota - The Rise of the Divine Feminine (2018)
The role and the ideas surrounding women not only in...
Bruce Shelton - The Beatitudes (2017)
Bruce shares his current understanding of the meaning of this...
Robert Krajenke - Christmas Eve Message, evening service (2017)
Robert shares that in his studies the Bible is more...
Tom Baker - See and Acknowledge People for the Miracle They Are (2017)
Tom shares a Christmas Eve message.
Larry Jennings - Discover Your Peace From Within for the Holidays (2017)
Close your eyes and experience the Holidays like a child....
Sharon Solomon - Festival of Lights and the Seven Terraces (2017)
Sharon gives a wonderful talk on how the Festival of...
Tamara Richardson - Bring Heaven to Earth (2017)
Tamara shares her NDE experiences which led her to a...
Dick Dinges - What Makes My Life Worth Living (2017)
Dick shares his two prerequisites for a happy life.
Neil Helm - The Role of Reincarnation (2017)
A unique perspective of the Bible and Reincarnation.