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Peter Panagore - God is Love and You Are Beloved (2017)
Peter shares from the Gospel of John, Thirteenth Chapter.
LaKota OneHeart - Our Next Beginning Starts Now (2017)
Our world is changing for the better.
Robert Krajenke - REbirth Preparations
Steps before being born again. Original poetry by Robert Krajenke.
Louis Purdey - Frequency of Wholeness (2017)
The Divine Light that lives within us in perfection.
Rainer Windsong - Moving Beyond Your Fear (2017)
Moving through chaos and back to safety.
Bruce Shelton - Hello...It's Time To Wake Up! (2017)
The Awakening Experience is what life is all about...coming home.
Tony Woody - My Moment in Eternity (2017)
Chief Woody shares with us his Out-of-Body and Spiritually Transformative...
Tom Baker - Animals Can be a Blessing to Us (2017)
What is the purpose of our cats and dogs in...
Nelson Hodges - The Spiritual Journey (2017)
The Spiritual Journey - How to get on, stay on...