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Larry Jennings - Learning About Life Through the Illusion of Death (2017)
We all have different experiences when we cross over. Larry,...
Sharon Solomon - Japan Fellowship Center Thriving (2017)
Sharon recounts her recent trip to Japan.
Tom Baker - The Miracle of Recognition (2017)
Tom shares with us an Easter Message; each of us...
Eric Pearl - Reconnective Healing (2017)
Dr. Eric Pearl is the founder of Reconnective Healing. He...
Dan Chesbro - Wisdom from The Order of Melchizadek (2017)
Rev. Daniel Chesbro speaks to us of his journey along...
Nanette Crist - Secret Eyewitness to the REAL Easter Story (2017)
Revelations from the actual letters of Caius Claudius Proculus, nephew...
Rev. Sally Perry - Love, Knowledge and Wisdom (2017)
Rev. Sally Perry's talk today is taken from Proverbs 2:10...
7 Terrace Meditation led by Sarah Anderson - March 2017
Fellowship Minister Sarah Anderson leading the 7-Terrace Meditation of 3-5-17.
Rev Tom Leach - Feel the love that they have for you (2017)
Rev. Tom Leach shares how his NDEs impacted his life.