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Rev. Sally Perry - Love, Knowledge and Wisdom (2017)
Rev. Sally Perry's talk today is taken from Proverbs 2:10...
7 Terrace Meditation of 3 5 17
Fellowship Minister Sarah Anderson leading the 7-Terrace Meditation of 3-5-17.
Rev Tom Leach - Feel the love that they have for you (2017)
Rev. Tom Leach shares how his NDEs impacted his life.
Clarice da Mota - Four Levels of Spiritual Perception (2017)
Clarice da Mota speaks on the Four Levels of Spiritual...
Abigail Adams Greenway - A Healing Journey with Tabla (2017)
Abigail shares with us her love of tabla and how...
Rainer Windsong - Peace. It's an Inside Job (2017)
Rainer Windsong speaks to us of Reconnecting. Reconnecting with our...
Tom Baker - Reflections on Marriage (2017)
Tom is a marriage counselor and in this talk shares...
Sarah Anderson - The Sound of Music
Sarah sings The Sound of Music.
Lakota One Heart - Live in Gratitude (2017)
Lakota One Heart encourages us to live in Gratitude.