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Anthony Reese - Paddling Our Canoe Uphill (Our Earth Journey) (2018)
Anthony speaks of Metaphysics, Quantum Mysticism and everyday life.
Bruce Shelton - Meet Neem Karoli Baba (2018)
Bruce introduces us to a teacher who has impacted his...
Dick Dinges - Healing Service (2018)
Dick gives a brief introduction on the concept of healing...
Yvonne Sneeden - All Loving Light (2018)
Death is the Greatest Human Blessing.
7 Terrace Meditation led by Annaleah
We are led through the 7 Terraces and into the...
Lloyd Kremer - The Fellowship NOW and Where Do We Go From Here (2018)
Lloyd shares an insightful look at the Fellowship past, present...
Brian Berry - The Temple, A Timeless Place (2018)
We are led to the Temple for a time of...
Bill Taylor - Love Does Not Know Fear (2018)
Bring Love to every instant in our lives.