Date(s) -May 6 2018
10:45 am - 12:30 pm

The Fellowship of the Inner Light


The Service begins at 10:45 am

Pre-service meditation time at10:30 am
We look forward to hearing our originally scheduled speaker, Suzan Thompson, at a later date.  She was unable to speak on May the 6th.  Taking her place for this Sunday is Susan Thomas.

Susan Thomas is an ordained minister of the Fellowship of the Inner Light.  She is one of the “old founding members” who joined the church at the age of 24.  She will be 70 years young on October 2nd.  Susan currently serves on the Pastoral Council and has served in the past on the Board of Directors for eight years.

Also, when her own children were young, she worked with the children’s program. She has assisted the readings ministry by transcribing many readings that were done by Paul Solomon. She contributed to the music on Sundays for more than 40 years.
The main ministry of Susan is music and motherhood.  Susan is a musician and a music teacher. She currently teaches people from 5-50 years old at Music and Arts in Virginia Beach where she teaches violin, viola, cello, and piano to her students.  She is also the part-time office manager of the Fellowship of the Inner Light and is the editor of the email newsletter.

More about Susan:

Susan is the mother of two daughters, Leah Thomas Montegut, and Jennifer Anne Thomas.   She has a Bachelor of Music Education degree from James Madison University where she majored in violin and minored in piano and voice. Her graduate work was done in Choral and Orchestral Conducting. She was a member of the Virginia Symphony for 14 years where she played violin. She left the orchestra due to a shoulder problem, but she still is able to do some playing on her instrument.  Susan also sings and plays the piano and a little bit of guitar, ukelele, and mandolin.  It is her great love to compose orchestral music and songs.

From Susan Thomas:

I love to provide a musical environment that provides solace and enlivening of the souls of people.  When I teach a child, I teach a whole child, a soul.  Each student has a somewhat different learning style and psychological need and goal.  So many people are afraid to express, musically or otherwise.  I like to be a part of providing tools to heal that human condition.

I teach “regular” students and “special needs” students with such conditions as autism, ADHD, and people with some form of PTSD. Sound often will go where nothing else can go. Music is, indeed, a universal language in more ways than one.

I appreciate the purpose and intention of the Fellowship of the Inner Light.  I also love the teachings that came through our founder, Paul Solomon, such as Inner Light Consciousness.  Although I have not had the time or schedule to do so recently, I am an Inner Light Consciousness teacher.

I will share on Sunday about simplifying our lives and focusing on coming from love instead of fear in the acting out of our responses to catalysts.

There are pathologies in death and in birth and in life.  I like to be on the team of light workers, and I like to join with fellow sojourners in studying, teaching, and being bearers of Light and Healing in this world. The miracle of healing can happen in infinite ways!  I am happy to be a part of this Family of Souls!

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