Date(s) -Jul 23 2017
10:45 am - 12:30 pm

The Fellowship of the Inner Light


We look forward to having Rev. Dr. John Krysko, DD as our Sunday speaker on July 23rd. We anticipate being inspired by his message!

The title of John’s talk is “The New Essenes: What are We Waiting For?”

Since the times of Elijah in the caves of Mt. Horeb and Mt. Carmel, Inner Wisdom Teachings were shared for a select few to enter a special Mystery School. The Expectant Ones gathered in secret to purify and immerse themselves in ancient spiritual traditions and rituals, awaiting a Divine Manifestation. Are we willing to take up that Essene challenge afforded to us today?

Immediately after church until 2:30, John is also offering a complimentary experiential exploration into the Essene sacred practices, designed for our modern times. He will provide lunch for attendees as well. The title is: “The Magdalenic Circle: Entering the Cave of the Heart”. (description below). This is a gift offering to the Fellowship community, in gratitude for all John has received.

“The Magdalenic Circle: Entering into the Cave of the Heart” Come prepared to explore the sacred Cave of your Heart and open your Book of Life. This experiential journey will joyfully involve meditation, visualization, dance, music, sacred ritual and communion together with each other’s divine essences.

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