Date(s) -Mar 18 2018
10:45 am - 12:30 pm

The Fellowship of the Inner Light


We are happy that John Wilson will be our speaker on Sunday, March 18th. John and his wife Kathleen live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. John has blessed us with his presence and service for many years at our church.  He is a teacher, mentor, and friend to many people. He and his wife often have shared music with us.

About John Wilson and New Earth Farm:

New Earth Farm was founded by John Wilson in 1995 when he bought a tractor and a compost turner and leased a few acres off Indian River Road in southern Virginia Beach. Into the ground out front he pounded a homemade sign: New Earth Farm. He has dedicated the past 30 years of his life to all-natural farming and sustainable practices.In 2017 John Wilson was ready to transfer ownership. Luckily, a team of dedicated people, who worked with Farmer John for many years, were ready to take on the challenge. Kevin Jamison, Marion and Paul Shultz and Eric Cardon partnered together to continue to carry out the mission of New Earth Farm.

John Wilson, aka Farmer John is a  a self-proclaimed “soil farmer and bacteria herder.” This Doyenne of Dirt possesses the passion of a missionary and the knowledge of a scholar when it comes to sustainable farming. But he can sum it up in two words: soil biology, baby.New Earth is an award-winning, 21-acre, working, sustainable and educational, organic farm, though not certified as such. John has shared greatly by educating people in this nation and in Haiti through a man named Guypson who brought knowledge and skill back to help folks in Haiti.

We are privileged to know John.  We open our hearts and minds to the inspired message that he will bring to us on Sunday.

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