Date(s) -Apr 8 2018
10:45 am - 12:30 pm

The Fellowship of the Inner Light


We welcome Dr. Garland Landrith as our Sunday Speaker April 8, 2018! We are so blessed and excited to hear his message!
Dr. Landrith whose research was cited in the Movie What the Bleep and by Deepak Chopra and Neal Donald Walsch, was among the first to prove that our inner consciousness is connected to the outside world. As a child he had numerous dreams that would come true. Through these profound experiences he became aware that our inner consciousness was directly related to our experiences in the outside world. Then, in his 20’s when he was in India on a quest to find God, he had a life-after-death experience. This spurred his interest in scientifically demonstrating that our inner universe is directly connected to the outer world. Dr. Landrith was the first to do a scientific studies (later featured in the movie What the Bleep) proving that people meditating in large groups could make the outside world a better place by reducing, among other things, crime, auto accidents and suicides. His research also proved that our consciousness is “quantum-based” (beyond the time/space continuum) and is not just a phenomena produced by our physical brain. He will be talking about these “miracles” in his talk and demonstrating some of these Quantum Love Techniques in the group Meditation that he will do in the church service.
*He is also taking clients on Monday and Tuesday of the same week.
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