Date(s) -Jul 8 2018
10:45 am - 12:30 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


We are delighted to have Carylanne as our speaker on Sunday, July 8th.  Below you will find information about Carylanne and about her presentations on Saturday at the A.R.E with the International Association for Near Death Studies.
About Carylanne:
She had the good fortune to move to Virginia Beach in 1993, which is where her formal, professional holistic health, spiritual teaching and energy healing/wellness training began. She was treated by a Reiki Master in Florida who guided her to visit the A.R.E and she did. It was a true miracle as she quickly enrolled at the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy, which prompted her to re-direct her life and focus on her Spiritual journey, meditation, health & healing and begin evolving into her true self. This included a daily spiritual practice, meditation, walks in nature, mindfulness and a self-care regimen. 
The training with several Usui Reiki Master teachers, teachers of meditation and Energy Medicine practitioners from 1996 to 2013, gaining wisdom, practice and knowledge, supported an awakening and remembrance of her Innate, Intuitive gifts.
Carlylanne believes that love heals all, and she believes in living an authentic life of gratitude.  She believes that we are here to live a purposeful life, to shine our light for humanity.  We are in this together.
Presentation Saturday July 7that A.R.E 10am-12noon
Recommended Donation of $10.00
For the first time, Carylanne will tell the NDE she had as a young woman that took her into other dimensions of consciousness known to to other NDE experiencers as “Home, Heaven”.  This beautiful reality opened her mind and heart to Spirit, to Christ, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides.  The NDE experience radically changed her life, career and reality.  At this time in our quickening, she is compelled to tell her story.  She will take you on a trip into that experience and share how she came back from the other dimension with a deep openness, and new understanding of unconditional love, gratitude, nature, death and life.
Carylanne will also share of the challenges she faced with anxiety and fear.  It is her sincere hope to educate and share her experience so that others who may have an NDE experience or Spiritual awakening will know they are not alone.  A spiritual awakening is miraculous and can be scary. For Carylanne coming back in so psychically open, after 36 hours, was very challenging.

Workshop: Saturday, July 7that the A.R.E. 2-4 PM
Admission is $15.00

In her afternoon workshop, Carylanne will teach you how to access other dimensions through mediations, visualizations and share insights and lessons learned from her NDE.

Fellowship of the Inner Light Church Service on July 8th:

Carylanne will give a 30 minute talk about similar topics covered at the presentations on Saturday.  You may visit Carylanne at or email her at

To join the mailing list for the International Association for Near Death Studies in Virginia Beach, you may visit their website at:
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