Date(s) -May 8 2020
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Fellowship of the Inner Light


Sneak Preview of the Fellowship Family Gathering 2020
May 8-11 2020
Mark Your Calendars!
A Time for Love
Ask a room full of people the definition of Love, and you will most likely get as many answers as there are people. This year at our Fellowship Family Gathering, we will explore the meaning of Love-how to express it, how to share it, how to give and receive it.The best understanding of Love that we have found is stated in the Credo of the Fellowship of the Inner Light, as written by Paul Solomon:” In the beginning, God expressed Himself, and the expression of God is Love and Love is God expressing Himself…Love made all things and all things are made of Love.  In Love is Life and without Love, there is no Life.  Love gives Light and Consciousness to all who are born.  Love shines out in the darkness as the Source of Life and awareness, though there are some who do not know it.  A gift to those who become aware that it is Love that gives Life and Light is the ability to know themselves to be sons and daughters of God.”What is your relationship with Love?  How can we all bring more Love into our lives, into the lives of those we Love, and into the world?Let us explore together at this year’s Fellowship Family Gathering.

Exact schedules of events and speakers will, of course, come at a later time.  Let us look forward to this wonderful gathering of souls.

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