Date(s) -Jan 6 2019
10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Fellowship of the Inner Light


“Second Chance at Life”  Howard was an avowed atheist until June 1, 1985 when he found himself out of his own body, looking down on himself dying in a hospital room in Paris, awaiting emergency surgery. Rather than going “toward the light” like most Near-Death Experiencers, he found himself being torturously dragged to excruciating realms of darkness and death, where he was physically assaulted and tortured by monstrous beings of evil.

He was later transported to the realm of heaven where he met angelic beings and the God of Creation.  He received a life review, had all his questions answered, and was sent back to his body with new knowledge about the purpose of life on Earth.  After this experience, Howard became an ordained minister.  He has spoken to every type of Christian, and many other groups interested in spirituality.  He has traveled around the world, supported missions globally, and been interviewed on dozens of national television shows and radio programs—inspiring happiness and peace to thousands of people within themselves and with their Creator.  howard storm

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