By Paul Solomon and James Daniel Emmanuel

Edited and Complied by James Daniel Emmanuel (James Allen Wharton) Paul Solomon, the new age prophet, appeared on the psychic scene in mid 1972. From the annals of Atlantis, the psychic healing temples of Egypt, the Huna of Hawaii, the Judeo Christian scriptures, the Oracles of Greece and the East, and even in our time, we have had sleeping prophets, reluctant prophets, screaming prophets, the weeping prophets, faith healers, seers, sages, mediums, and “readers” of one kind or another in varying degrees of accuracy, authenticity, and truth. But seldom is a true psychic given us the calibre of Paul Solomon, with the ability to tap the Universal Source and the akashic records. From these records come information on the relationship of this lifetime to our karma, as well as practical help on all problem areas of life. Questions on physical health, diet, and even colors, stones, and gems to balance the aura are answered from these records. Paul Solomon had reasoned that if prophets of old could discover how to break through the limitation of the everyday mind and into the Universal Mind, and thereby help others toward the New Age, so could he — and he did! Mr. Solomon discovered that by setting his conscious mind aside in a hypnotic sleep while directing his thoughts and intent towards the person or subject he wished information on, he could tap a seemingly boundless source of information, knowledge, and advice on that particular person or subject. What happens when a fundamentalist preacher discovers he possesses a “gift of prophecy” as referred to by the Apostle Paul? Or that when he would lie down on a couch for the purpose of receiving a vision in the manner of Daniel (2:19) he would receive instructions and visions? Within these pages you will learn about the amazing readings on a large variety of subjects, which have been given through Paul Solomon. Exciting information on Atlantis, diet, health, reincarnation, sex, prophecy, and many other topics will be found in this fascinating book.