Fellowship Family Gathering Videos 2017

In case you missed the Fellowship Family Gathering, below are some videos from the event for you to enjoy!   The Divine Feminine Panel (2017) Dale Allen Hoffman- The Feminine Temple of Light (2017) John Krysko – Meta-Faith and the Meta-Human (2017)   Francis Sporer  –  The Cathars’ Mystical Path for Returning to Heaven (2017)

Fellowship Contacts Outside Our Local Area

The people listed here are Fellowship Ministers or longtime members of the Fellowship for many years and are familiar with the teachings of Paul Solomon. These ministers and members have chosen to bring the teachings into the activities of their daily lives both locally and across the nation. They are open to receiving questions from… Read more »


INNER LIGHT PLAYBACK THEATER made its debut performance on August 27th, 2016.  The troupe received a standing ovation for honoring the late great Martha Rapoport who first brought Playback Theater to Hampton Roads in the mid-1990’s.  Playback Theater is an international organization with troupes all over the world.  It was created by Jonathan Fox and… Read more »

New Summer Teen Inner Light Playback Troupe

This teen group will meet from 4-6 pm on Tuesdays in the Sanctuary. This is open to the public and will be advertised in Tidewater Family and other publications.  Tara White will also be teaching a 6 week “Playback Theater Fast Track Class” from June 7th through July 12th on Tuesday nights from 6-9 pm. … Read more »

A Big Thank You!!!

The Magic Continues…… The Family Gathering 2017 has happened!A Big Thank You goes to Jerry Teplitz and the Family Gathering Committee and to all volunteers and attendees who made this a wonderful event! The Family met with old friends and met new friends. The Divine Feminine was explored in many expressions. We can share more stories… Read more »

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking to lend a hand? Volunteers are always needed! Check out the list below for current opportunities and contact information for those that can help you get started.   VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Refugee Assistance Coordinator: This volunteer position is for someone in our congregation who would be in communication with a woman who is a refugee settlement… Read more »


Looking to dive deeper into your spiritual practice? Itching to deepen your spiritual understanding? Check out some of the classes offered at the Fellowship of the Inner Light to do just that! Classes will be updated frequently, so make sure to check the classes subpages frequently or visit the Fellowship of the Inner Light on Facebook!

Fellowship Family Gathering 2017 Presenter Biographies

   Francis Sporer, B.S., M.A., CMT Francis has been a student of the Cayce information since 1967, following an “enlightenment” experience with overtones of a Near Death Experience. A college art professor in Missouri for 17 years, he has also taught at A.R.E.’s Atlantic University, Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, in Europe, the United Kingdom, South America,… Read more »

Fellowship Family Gathering 2017

The Fellowship of the Inner Light welcomes every community member from around the world to attend our very special Fellowship Family Gathering’s 45th Anniversary Celebration. Our theme will be to explore the Mystical Side of the Divine Feminine! We have great speakers lined up to make informative presentations , you’ll take part in several amazing workshops, experience truly… Read more »


Videos Prayer Group Seven Terrace Meditation Prayer Group Guided Meditation using the Seven Terraces Meditation from… TESTIMONIAL – Neil Helm Neil Helm has been Director of the Research Center at… Rich Martini Testimonial TESTIMONIAL – Rich Martini, award winning film maker talks about… 7 Terrace Meditation led by Cynthia Funk – August 2016 Fellowship Minister… Read more »