Videos Prayer Group Seven Terrace Meditation Prayer Group Guided Meditation using the Seven Terraces Meditation from… TESTIMONIAL – Neil Helm Neil Helm has been Director of the Research Center at… Rich Martini Testimonial TESTIMONIAL – Rich Martini, award winning film maker talks about… 7 Terrace Meditation led by Cynthia Funk – August 2016 Fellowship Minister… Read more »

Upcoming Sunday Speaker

The Bible and Reincarnation Revisited.  Capn Larry intends to present a somewhat whimsical and upbeat review of his past twenty five years of Virginia Beach adventures and misadventures in researching and espousing this subject. A free handout will be offered which outlines just how the Bible reveals reincarnation and also offered will be signed copies… Read more »

Past Sunday Service Speakers

Videos Rev Tom Leach – Feel the love that they have for you (2017) Rev. Tom Leach shares how his NDEs impacted his life. Clarice da Mota – Four Levels of Spiritual Perception (2017) Clarice da Mota speaks on the Four Levels of Spiritual… Abigail Adams Greenway – A Healing Journey with Tabla (2017) Abigail… Read more »

Our Constitution

Constitution and Bylaws  of the Virginia Beach Fellowship Center Fellowship of the Inner Light  Ratified February 23, 2014 http://www.fellowshipoftheinnerlight.com/Docs/Constitution_Ratified_2_23_14.doc ARTICLE I: NAME The organization shall be known as the Virginia Beach Fellowship Center – Fellowship of the Inner Light, a.k.a. VBFC or The Fellowship Center, and shall hereafter be referred to in this document as… Read more »

Most Recent Sunday Speaker

Rev. Sally Perry – Love, Knowledge and Wisdom (2017) Rev. Sally Perry’s talk today is taken from Proverbs 2:10 – For wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul;

Weekly Activities

Please visit this Link for Details SUNDAY 10:00 to 10:25 am : Music Rehearsal, led by Bruce Shelton in the sanctuary.  Anyone wishing to perform music during a Sunday Service may contact Bruce Shelton at shelton1986@verizon.net or 757-496-9488.       10:30 am:  Silent meditation in the upstairs meditation room. 10:30 to 10:45 am:  Seven… Read more »

Special Events

Special Events EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE with Pastors Tom Baker and Bruce Shelton Apr 16 2017 Rejoice! He is Risen! Join us for a Beautiful Sunrise Service on the Beach at 67th Street. Please note: In case of inclement weather, Sunrise Service will be moved to […] read more The Schedule is Here! The 45th Anniversary… Read more »